Why Tony Romo to Houston makes sense

Why Tony Romo to Houston makes sense

Now that Dallas’ season is over, perhaps sooner than many expected, we can now focus all of our time and energy on their biggest offseason question: What will happen to Tony Romo?

Although Skip Bayless, a huge Cowboys fan, believes Romo will eventually start again with a star on his helmet, a significant number of people believe Romo will be starting for a new team next season.

There are almost 10 teams that should make a strong push to add Romo to their roster, but Hall of Famers Shannon Sharpe and Cris Carter both believe it makes sense for Romo to play for the Houston Texans in 2017.

Even though Houston owes Brock Osweiler a guaranteed $16 million next year, the Texans should take the hit and part ways with him according to Dieter Kurtenbach of FOX Sports. Osweiler was downright dreadful under center in his first season with the Texans, and with a top-ranked defense and a punishing run game, Houston is in danger of wasting their chance at a championship run if they don’t make an upgrade at the league’s most popular and important position.

Here’s what makes Houston an ideal move for Romo:

  • The Texans play in dome stadium and the majority of their divisional opponents don’t play games in cold-weather stadiums. With Romo, who is injury prone and turns 37 in April, the right playing environment is important for him to maintain a clean bill of health.
  • A move from Dallas to Houston isn’t an extreme one for Romo, but it’s an important one for the Texans, who some will argue are only a quarterback away from being an AFC powerhouse. This move could also give Houston a chance to escape from Dallas’ shadow, a place the Texans have been in since they entered the league in 2002.

Carter even had a lofty but possibly ideal trade proposal in mind for Romo to go to Houston.

“I don’t just like draft picks. Where Dallas is, they have a lot of good young players. So I like an established player. And if you trade him to Houston, I would try to get one of their defense players. And I would try to pull off a deal for J.J. Watt,” Carter said on “Undistributed” on Thursday. “That’s what I would try to do. That would be the deal that I’d be going for with Jerry (Jones). I’d try to get J.J. Watt. Clowney’s established himself, J.J. Watt’s got a bad back, how long is he going to be able to play at that level? And also I would take Dallas’ draft pick and Tony Romo and trade them to Houston for J.J. Watt, and bring him to Jerry World.”

While getting a player of Watt’s caliber may seem like a far-fetched command in a trade for Romo, his value has been said to be as high as a first-round pick. However, if anyone is going to make a gutsy demand in a trade for Romo, it would be Jerry Jones, who has been infatuated with Romo for the past decade.

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