Dak Prescott says he’ll ‘never be over that loss’ to the Packers in the postseason

Dak Prescott says he’ll ‘never be over that loss’ to the Packers in the postseason

The Dallas Cowboys sent seven players, two of those players being rookies, to the Pro Bowl in Orlando this season. However, for the Cowboys, who owned the NFC’s top seed and had Super Bowl aspirations, the trip to Orlando may be seen as more of a grim reminder about how they didn’t qualify for Super Bowl LI than a reward for all of their accomplishments.

Dallas’ hopes of going to the Super Bowl were dashed when Mason Crosby kicked a last-second game-winning field goal to send the Green Bay Packers to the NFC Championship game instead. Although Dak Prescott was masterful in his playoff debut, the loss the Cowboys suffered is still something he is coming to terms with.

“It’s behind me, but I can’t say I’m over this loss,” Prescott said on Wednesday after Pro Bowl practice. “I’ll never be over that loss. I’ll never be over any loss. It’s definitely fuel to the fire and I’m ready to get back to work.”

Without question, Dallas was the best team in the NFC during the regular season. Had they beaten Green Bay, the Cowboys would’ve hosted the Atlanta Falcons, who are now representing the NFC in Super Bowl LI, in the conference title game.

Prescott understands how good Dallas was in 2016, but he refrained from calling them the best team in the NFL.

“There’s other great teams out there. So, it’s hard for me to say with me not playing in the last game,” he said.

The Cowboys have players who will become free agents this offseason, but their most high-profile decision they have to make is what to do with Prescott’s backup, Tony Romo. Because of his age and health, Romo is more likely to be released than traded. Dallas is trying to avoid discussing this topic at all costs, but it’s become painfully obvious Prescott is the Cowboys’ quarterback of the future.


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