Patriots’ Martellus Bennett: ‘It’s all about football and God’ in Texas

Patriots’ Martellus Bennett: ‘It’s all about football and God’ in Texas

The New England Patriots don’t have an abundant amount of big personalities on their roster going into Super Bowl LI, but count tight end Martellus Bennett as someone who didn’t get the memo.

When Bennett was asked if, in his youth, he ever fantasized about catching a game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl in his home state, the Alief High School alumni steered the question down a different road.

“As a kid, I wasn’t thinking about that with my imagination,” Bennett told the Houston Chronicle. “It was more about dragons and wizards.”

He then clarified his comments: “I just feel like football was what we did. In Texas, if you don’t play football you’re a weirdo. I always laugh, because I always tell people in Texas it’s all about football and God.”

Bennett hasn’t put much thought as far as to what playing for New England has meant to him yet, but said he will have some time for self-reflection after the Super Bowl. He referred to himself as an essentialist, saying he prioritizes making time to do things he loves – which varies from watching movies with his family to drawing things to playing football.

Martellus and his brother Michael, a defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, have a very tight relationship. Martellus, who is only 16 months younger than Michael, says the brothers have always had each other’s best interests at heart. Instead of being competitive against each other, like most siblings tend to be, they practice the concept of positive reinforcement.

Shortly after the Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game, Martellus called his brother to let him know he was headed to the Super Bowl. When asked what Michael said to him, Martellus told reporters his brother said, “I already knew you were, bro.”

Bennett also offered some insight in regards to what makes Bill Belichick, the longest tenured coach in the NFL, so successful.

“I think Bill’s pretty cool,” Bennett said. “He’s a pretty cool dude. He’s very intelligent, and it’s always fun being around intelligent people – although I do like my dumb friends. He really loves his guys and cares about his players and his team.”

“What’s different about Belichick?” a reporter proceeded to ask.

“That’s like asking me which girlfriend I like best,” Bennett told the reporter. “I like my wife best, but…”

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