Patriots erase 25-point deficit to defeat Falcons in Super Bowl LI

Patriots erase 25-point deficit to defeat Falcons in Super Bowl LI

History was made in Houston, Texas on Sunday. Although it looked like Super Bowl LI was going to be won by the Atlanta Falcons in a blowout, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots proved to the whole world why you can never count them out.

New England dispatched of a 28-3 deficit in the second half of play thanks to key takeaways and a final drive for the ages to send the game into overtime, where the Patriots capped off the largest comeback in Super Bowl history to win by a score of 34-28, claiming their fifth Lombardi trophy in the process.

The breathtaking rally was led by one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever wear a helmet and shoulder pads. Brady helped engineer a 10-play, 91-yard drive with 2:33 remaining on the clock to put the Patriots, who were trailing the entire ballgame, a two-point conversion away from knotting things up in the final minute. Brady then proceeded to complete a pass to Danny Amendola, a Texas native, on the two-point conversion to send the game into overtime, giving the red-hot Patriots a chance to complete one of the most improbable comebacks in all of sports.

New England won the coin toss in the extended period and elected to receive, which put an exhausted Atlanta defense right back on the field in a high-pressure, do-or-die situation. The Falcons’ offense never got a chance to redeem themselves, as the Patriots’ offense marched down the field with ease, putting together a 75-yard game-winning drive, which was finished off with a two-yard touchdown scamper by James White to officially put the final nail in the coffin.

“That was exactly how we didn’t plan it,” Brady joked at the podium following the Patriots’ furious come-from-behind victory.

After completing a record-shattering 43 passes for 466 yards and two touchdowns, Brady was rightfully named the game’s MVP. Brady now holds NFL records for Super Bowl victories by a quarterback (five) and Super Bowl MVP awards (four).

When trying to explain the meticulous rally to the media, Brady was understandably at a loss for words.

“I wasn’t thinking much,” he said. “I was thinking, we just got to score. And then we scored the touchdown, it was nine. And then, we get the turnover.

“There was a lot of s— that happened tonight. I got hit pretty hard.”

Earlier in the week, Brady dedicated this Super Bowl to his mother, who hadn’t been able to attend any of his previous games this season because of an illness. He probably couldn’t have imagined a more magical way to give her a tribute.

“They’re all happy,” Brady told FOX’s Terry Bradshaw during the on-field celebration following the game. “It’s nice to have everybody here and it’s going to be a great celebration tonight.

“Thank you to all our fans. Everyone back in Boston, New England, we love you. You’ve been with us all year. We’re bringing this sucker home!”


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