Free agent quarterback Josh McCown could be the perfect backup for the Cowboys in 2017

Free agent quarterback Josh McCown could be the perfect backup for the Cowboys in 2017

In case you haven’t come to this realization yet, Dak Prescott is the future at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. However, Dallas’ depth behind Prescott is a different story.

Last season, Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez, and Kellen Moore were all on the Cowboys’ roster behind the NFL’s 2016 Offensive Rookie of the Year. But that will most likely not be the case in 2017. Romo should either be cut or traded this offseason and both Sanchez and Moore are currently free agents, meaning Dallas will be starting from scratch for a backup quarterback.

Along with adding a capable backup, the Cowboys also need to find someone to help mentor Prescott the way Romo did in 2016. Having a veteran to back up Prescott will be crucial to his continued development as a player, which is why many believe Dallas will re-sign Sanchez or Moore.

If a deal can’t be worked out with either Sanchez or Moore, Dallas will have to shop in free agency to find Prescott’s new mentor. Enter Josh McCown, a Texas native who was recently released by the Cleveland Browns.

The Cowboys were rumored to have interest in McCown last season, but they would’ve had to trade in order to land him at the time. Allegedly, the Browns’ asking price was too high for Dallas to pull the trigger.

Now that McCown is free to sign with any team, America’s Team is an ideal landing spot for him, as the 14-year journeyman would join a team that should be in Super Bowl contention. If this scenario becomes reality, Dallas would pick up a proven and affordable player who could further instruct Prescott while being a serviceable option under center if Prescott winds up getting injured.

McCown started in three games last season for the 1-15 Browns, throwing for 1,100 yards, six touchdowns, and six interceptions. With that being said, most Cowboys fans will probably remember McCown as the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears back in 2013, when he picked apart Dallas’ defense by throwing for 348 yards while scoring a total of five touchdowns in a 45-28 victory over the Cowboys in Week 14.


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