Cris Carter thinks Tony Romo could make the Texans a threat to the Patriots for conference supremacy

Cris Carter thinks Tony Romo could make the Texans a threat to the Patriots for conference supremacy

On the same day Tony Romo bid farewell to the Dallas Cowboys fan base, the Houston Texans ridded themselves of quarterback Brock Osweiler, shipping him and the remainder of his hefty contract to the Cleveland Browns in order to clear up cap space.

The Texans have a good chance at adding Romo to their roster, whether it be via trade or free agency, as the four-time Pro Bowl selection could make Houston a legitimate threat to the Super Bowl LI champions, the New England Patriots.

Houston fell to New England in the playoffs in January by a score of 34-16, but their situation under center was a train wreck and they were missing their three-time Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt. With a dominant defense in good health and a healthy Romo tossing passes to a very talented Texans’ receiving corps, plus a rock solid 1,000 running back in Lamar Miller, Houston has a shot at becoming a powerhouse in the AFC and dethroning New England.

Because of the defense the Texans have, Cris Carter feels Houston is the best possible destination for Romo this offseason.

“The thing that I like the most about Tony Romo going to the Houston Texans is: Every game we don’t have to win a shootout,” Carter said on “Speak For Yourself” on Thursday. “We can win 14-3. You know you have a beast of a defense. Some of these teams may be vying for Tony Romo, and with his health, you get into shootouts like he had to do a lot in Dallas, makes you drop back 40 times a game, you’re more likely to get hurt. But they can run the ball, grind it out in Houston and win football games.”

It’s hard to argue with Carter’s logic, as this move would greatly benefit both the Texans and Romo. Getting a competent quarterback is the only thing Houston, a team in a “win now” mode, needs to do to be a potential Super Bowl contender and Romo is trying to win a championship as a starter before he hangs up the cleats. Both of these things could happen if Dallas’ all-time passing yardage leader finds himself in Houston.


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