Tyrone Crawford isn’t worried about the Cowboys’ losses in free agency

Tyrone Crawford isn’t worried about the Cowboys’ losses in free agency

For the past few years, the Dallas Cowboys have taken a passive approach to free agency, as Jerry Jones is no longer handing out mammoth contracts to unproven players. Instead, they’ve taken a page out of the Green Bay Packers’ book, as the Packers are primarily focused on retaining their own players as opposed to fishing in the pond of free agency.

The majority of the time, this tactic has produced positive results. However, this offseason has raised some legitimate concerns – especially on the defensive side of the ball. So far, the Cowboys have lost four starting defensive backs in Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr, Barry Church, and J.J. Wilcox. To add insult to injury, Dallas has also watched Terrell McClain sign with the Redskins and Jack Crawford bolt to the Falcons. Even one of their starting offensive linemen from last season, Ronald Leary, left the team in free agency.

But despite all of the losses the Cowboys have endured on their roster, coupled with very few additions, defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford remains unfazed. The reason? He believes in defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli.

“I just trust we have a plan,” Crawford said, via the Dallas Morning News. “With the defense that we run, Marinelli is going to have him doing the right thing anyway. I’m excited for next year. I’m not worried about what’s happening this offseason. Just excited to get going.”

Dallas will most likely have to fill the voids of at least five starters on defense and along with finding a replacement for Leary as well. The good news for the Cowboys is they managed to resign Terrance Williams and Brice Butler and have added Nolan Carroll and Stephen Paea to the mix.

Still, when you consider Dallas had a mediocre defense last season, they’ve faced an amount of turnover that isn’t ideal. Having a loaded upcoming draft class is a huge bonus, but they players they currently have will need to elevate their level of play – including Crawford, himself.

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