Texans running back Lamar Miller on D’Onta Foreman: ‘I think he’ll help this team out a lot’

Texans running back Lamar Miller on D’Onta Foreman: ‘I think he’ll help this team out a lot’

The Houston Texans added another playmaker to their running back corps last week, selecting former University of Texas back D’Onta Foreman in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Foreman’s presence will help lighten the load for the team’s starting running back, Lamar Miller, who tallied 268 carries for 1,073 yards in 2016.

“It’s good to have (Foreman) on the team,” Miller said Saturday during the Texans Care Volunteer Day. “I’m looking forward to working with him. I think he’ll help this team out a lot, the power that he brings. I think it’s a good addition.”

Miller was absent from the Texans’ final two regular season games last season due to injury. Even his head coach Bill O’Brien admitted that Houston relied too heavily on their workhorse throughout the season – especially with the team’s incompetent play under center.

“I think he probably carried it a little bit too much early on,” O’Brien said. “We were very, very dependent on him because he’s that type of player. He’s a guy that shows up every day, he’s in excellent condition, plays through pain. Had an ankle, shoulder, ribs — played through all of it, practiced through all of it. He’s what you’re looking for when you talk about a teammate and a guy in your locker room.

“I think you know, 30 carries in a couple games, things like that, that’s probably a little bit too much. We feel like we have a pretty diverse group of running backs so I think in order to get him at his best in January, we probably need to cut down on that early in the year.”

Although Houston picked up former Clemson University star quarterback Deshaun Watson in the first round, there is still a bit of uncertainty in regards to the Texans’ passing game, making a dominant ground game a necessity to take pressure off of whoever is taking snaps come September – and having a healthy Miller and Foreman running the rock should do exactly that.

“I feel good,” Miller said. “I was just taking care of my body, rehabbing and getting back on track. Right now, my body feels good.”

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