Richard Sherman reportedly envisioned playing for the Cowboys, Patriots

Richard Sherman reportedly envisioned playing for the Cowboys, Patriots

People all around the world crave a juicy storyline, and the one speculating a potential trade of Richard Sherman is still having the NFL audience hanging on the edge of their seats.

The rumors of such a trade soon became reality, as the Seattle Seahawks openly admitted to being willing to shop their All-Pro cornerback if another potential suitor was willing to exchange value possessions such as splash players or high draft picks in order to receive Sherman’s services.

Is it still possible Sherman could be playing for a different team in 2017? Or can this storyline finally get put to rest?

The Seahawks eventually decided to hang on to Sherman, and both sides are currently preparing for the 2017 season. While that may be the case, Sherman deliberately admitted he imagined what would be like to suit up with at least two specific Super Bowl contenders – the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots.

Over the course of this offseason, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and Sherman have spoke privately on numerous occasions. Sherman had told close friends he couldn’t help but ponder wonder what it would be like to play for “America’s Team” or even the Patriots, who recently won Super Bowl LI in February and defeated Seattle in Super Bowl XLIX two years prior. But unless awful teams such as the Cleveland Browns or Buffalo Bills were willing to surrender two first-round draft picks, he was staying put.

Taking into consideration the high price tag the Seahawks placed on Sherman – along with having an exceptionally deep 2017 defensive back draft class to choose from – neither the Cowboys nor the Patriots took the bait.

However, there are reports out there stating at least one of these franchises had at least a mild interest in trading for Sherman at some point.

Now it appears Sherman has put his trade wonders aside, along with any damage to his ego, and is locked in on helping Seattle make a run at Super Bowl LII. But it’s a high possibility he’ll have to go through both Dallas and New England in order to win his second ring in his career.


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