Cowboys will wear navy jerseys more often at home games

Cowboys will wear navy jerseys more often at home games

In 1989, Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys for $140 million, and he received a strong return on his investment. But Jones didn’t only buy the team; he also bought the team brand.

Along with their rich winning history, the Cowboys also have an iconic single star helmet, which is currently one of the best and most recognizable brands in professional sports today. The three Super Bowl championships in the ‘90s contributed to that, and Jones continues to figure out how he can further cultivate it as he approaches year 30 with the franchise.

Perhaps the most effective way to build Dallas’ brand is through their uniforms. Jones has always viewed the Cowboys’ home uniforms to be as iconic as the New York Yankees’ home pinstripes, which is a big reason you almost always see Dallas donning their metallic silver pants, white top, and royal blue numbering when they play at AT&T Stadium.

However, that could be changing soon. In the retail market, Dallas’ navy blue jerseys are much more popular than their white ones, and their players prefer the navy tops as well. According to Cowboys general manager Mike McCord, this could mean Dallas will be making some visible changes to their wardrobe this upcoming season.

“We’ll incorporate navy a little bit more,” McCord told FOX Sports. “You’ve already seen the last couple of years where we started wearing navy at home on Thanksgiving, and that’s all kind of in relation to the Color Rush uniform. We’ve had some success wearing that uniform at home, so I think we’ll see a little bit more of it.”

McCord said the dark jerseys will make appearances in some high-profile home games this upcoming fall, which should provide both a refreshing and appealing new look for Cowboys fans.


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