Tyron Smith ranked No. 18 on NFL’s annual Top 100 list

Tyron Smith ranked No. 18 on NFL’s annual Top 100 list

Tyron Smith is a force to be reckoned with, but he apparently possesses a divine stature that makes his teammates and opponents envious of him.

“Every tackle in the league wishes they had that body,” Rams Pro Bowl offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth said. “It’s just not fair. He’s built in a way that’s … man.”

The anchor and blindside protector for the best offensive line in the NFL, it is safe to say Smith has become a master at his craft. At No. 18, Smith is the highest ranked offensive lineman on this year’s list, showing the respect he has earned from his peers. Entering his seventh season with the Dallas Cowboys – the team who drafted him No. 9 overall in 2011 – Smith has progressed from getting tormented by DeMarcus Ware in his rookie training camp, to a four-time All-Pro who neutralizes the best defenders in the game.

“I don’t even think he’s a person,” Buccaneers Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said of Smith. “He might be some sort of mutant or metahuman or demigod or something. Ain’t no way you look like that and play like that.”

After combating an injury in 2016, Smith went through the only season in his career in which he’d miss more than one start. One of the Cowboys’ most durable players on the roster, he’s started in 92 of 96 possible regular season games since coming into the league, and looks to have a clean bill of health going into the upcoming 2017 season.

Despite the aforementioned injuries, Smith had his way from Week 9 through the rest of the 2016 season, not letting up a single sack.

Even his fellow teammate, Cowboys All-Pro guard Zack Martin, referred to Smith as “an absolute monster” who would be God’s perfect creation of a left tackle.

“We always joke, if God had to make a left tackle, he would make him like Tyron Smith,” Martin said. “Just massive, long. He’s 320, he’s got a six-pack. It’s just not fair. He’s super durable and he just erases that defensive end from other teams every game.

“When he gets his hands on you, it’s pretty much over. The best thing about Tyron is he works harder than anyone.”

Smith is currently working under a colossal contract extension that will keep him with Dallas through the 2023 season, meaning the Cowboys’ left side of their offensive line could be borderline unbeatable for many years to come.


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